Chilli Weather


The weather’s taken a turn.  It’s very lucky we decided to take our camping trip last week and not this week.  Due to a bit of miscommunication and some very odd technological failings my poor greenhouse went a little bit neglected while we were away. One of the crops which has blossomed was my cherry tomatoes, so prized by my daughters – but now in such abundance that we are all a bit tomatoed out!  The other crop which needs attendance is my small yield of jalapeños.  Although two plants have not left me drowning in these mild chillis, I’m still not sure what to with them all before they are past their best.  I’ve tried drying chillis before with varying results, none of which I was happy with.  So this time I resorted to the simplicity of freezing them.  I have read that they freeze really well and can then be used like fresh chillis in any dishes.  This is by far easier than bottling or preserving in another way (there’ll be plenty of things to bottle and jar up later on in the year!) and does not alter the pungency in any way – apparently.

So I’ve used a couple in my batch of Courgette Glutney, and I’ve used one in tonight’s dinner – Southwestern Quinoa Bake –  and the rest are chopped and in the freezer ready for another dish.  If this is successful I’ll definitely increase my chilli crop next year, I’ve never been very confident with using chilli, and my young daughters are apprehensive about hot spices, but maybe some more experimentation is in order.




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