Pop Coco-Corn



Our favourite daytime snack.   Super simple to make, dead cheap, and dare I say, pretty healthy too. This stuff has been keeping the hunger pangs at bay during the half term hols.

I pop our corn kernels in a large pan with coconut oil.  The oil remains stable at high temperatures and does not burn, which is essential for popping corn.  It also leaves the popcorn with a slight coconutty flavour which works well with both sweet and savoury seasonings.

We usually eat ours with just a sprinkle of sea salt, occasionally a drizzle of maple syrup, or some garlic chilli salt to keep the kids away!

Makes a huge pan full

2-3 tsps of virgin organic coconut oil (19p)

enough (organic) popping corn to cover the bottom of the pan in a single layer, approx 75g (31p)

seasoning of choice


Heat the oil over a moderate to high heat.  Add the corn kernels to the pan, and put the lid on.  Shake the pan occasionally to toss the kernels and coat them in the oil.  Once they start to pop, only shake the pan slightly side to side over the hob (so that the un-popped kernels remain on the bottom of the pan in direct contact with the heat).  When the popping slows right down, shake the pan slightly again and you’ll hear if there are any un-popped kernels left, if so, leave the pan another minute, but no longer or the popcorn will begin to burn.  During all this, occasionally pull the lid ajar to release the steam so that the popcorn remains crisp and dry.

Add your preferred seasoning to the pan, and shake to distribute it evenly.

We always make this before going to the Sunday morning kids cinema screening, we even took a huge tub of it to the pantomime last month.  So much more economical and than £5 a carton!.. and you get to choose the quality and freshness of you ingredients.   It’s best eaten straight away, warm out of the pan, but will keep for 24 hours if in an airtight container.


This works out at 50p for a huge pan full of popcorn.  Bargain!


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  1. Ooo… I almost wrote the exact same post lol! I’ll save it for another time! 🙂 We use coconut oil too and it keeps fresh for a week in a glass screw top jar. 🙂 Love it!

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