Double Whammy.

20151029-191128.jpgRecently I’ve been a little lazy in the kitchen, sticking to what I know best and producing a limited rota of dinners and snacks.  I’ve been even more lazy about writing this blog.  If I’m not careful nearly a whole year will have lapsed before I produce another recipe.  I feel like time in the kitchen has been squeezed dramatically over these last months, and quite basically I just haven’t had a lot of new exciting inventions to blog about.  I need to kickstart my self back onto the wagon.  So last night I painted my kitchen bright green, and today I spent a lovely afternoon at an autumn party filled with tribes of children, smokey fires and soups and pies in abundance… and a few good friends questioning my lack lustre blogging stamina, and asking for new recipes.

I’m afraid to say, right now I don’t have any ground breaking new recipes to offer, but I will offer my current method for getting through the increasingly hectic weekday dinners schedule. What with swimming and karate and ballet all timed right before I put dinner on the table, I’ve needed to get organised and creative as to how I can get good food cooked and eaten before bedtime.  The trusty slow cooker comes into its own for days like this, but 3 days in a row? and every single week? there are only so many soups and stews and curries a family can eat, day in, day out, week in, week out…

I work 3 consecutive days during the week, and need to produce something that can be rustled up and on the table within half an hour of getting home.  To get me through 2 of these days I have been cooking in bulk and making creative use of the slow cooker leftovers.  My Wednesday lentil bolognaise with spelt pasta and salad, becomes my Thursday lasagne.  My Wednesday chilli with brown rice, nachos and avocado, becomes my Thursday baked enchiladas with cashew sour cream and crunchy breadcrumb topping.  My Wednesday stew and dumplings, becomes my Thursday shepherdess pie… And my Wednesday lentil curry with rice and chutneys, becomes a spicy lentil potato topped bake for Thursday’s dinner.  I usually prepare the ingredients for the slow cooker the night before.  Then after dinner has been eaten, I prepare the leftovers (with whatever additions) in a baking dish ready to be stored in the fridge overnight and popped in the oven 1/2 an hour before dinner the next evening.  It takes bit of forward planning, but is super easy if you don’t mind preparing food a day ahead of schedule.

Thursday’s veggie lentil pies, made from Wednesday’s stew and dumplings. Served with loads of steamed veg and a ‘cheese’ sauce.

My meal plan is always a little vague by Friday…

So anyway – this is not a recipe, but just to show you where I’m at.  It’s all about being able to still prepare good food when life is hectic.  Now I just need to have enough time and energy to photograph anything noteworthy, research my ingredients and write it all up on here.  I’m sure my fresh, newly green, kitchen will inspire me to do just that.





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