Lucky Iron Fish!!

20151125-200936.jpgA very exciting thing happened today, my lucky iron fish arrived in the post.  It’d been shipped from Canada over a month ago and I’d virtually forgotten I’d even ordered it.  But it’s here – and I’m hoping it will change my life in a small but brilliant way.

A Lucky Iron Fish is a food grade lump of iron in the shape of a fish.  They have been designed by clever and lovely people who are trying to help families in Cambodia overcome malnutrition and in particular anaemia. (iron deficiency)  The idea is, you boil the iron fish in slightly acidic water i.e. water with lemon juice in it, for 10 minutes, in which time the fish deposits plenty of iron into the water and then the water can be drank, or used in cooking to increase the iron intake of the family.  It can also be used directly in the boiling cooking pot of soups and stews with acidic ingredients like tomatoes.  Please read more about it here.  These little fish are changing the lives of people in Cambodia and all over the world… and for the small price of around £16 you can purchase one directly from the manufacturer.  They will ship one to you, and also ship one to another family in need for the price of your donation.  Superb!

20151125-200956.jpgI have struggled with low iron levels during both of my pregnancies, and even now I take natural supplements often to feel fit and well, this is a problem I’ve had with my blood long before I became vegetarian so I’m certain it has little to do with my diet.  Indeed I believe my diet is far more nutrient and iron rich since becoming a conscious vegetarian cooking mother, than it ever was as a lazy meat eater.

I’m hoping to stop buying my supplements all together and start making this little fish a part of my weekly cooking routine, popping him into any soups and stews (of which there’ll be many this time of year) or boiling him up with water to refrigerate and drink.

The fish has lucky connotations in Cambodia, hence the choice to cast the iron in the shape of a  fish… To quote the Lucky Fish people: “Each purchase is helping people in Cambodia live healthier more productive lives. With your support we will be able to put a fish in every pot.”


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