Dairy-Free Whiskey Cream

20151223-211350.jpgBaileys Irish Cream.  Definitely not vegan.  Not organic either.

I have issues with this classic tipple, but there’s no mistaking how amazing it tastes in coffee or hot chocolate, or whipped into a variety of deserts.  After a fairly thorough internet search to establish whether an animal free, or at least organic version existed commercially (at a price I could reasonably afford!) I soon began to realise that vegans the world over were clamouring to make their own Irish Cream.  “What a great idea!” I thought, “What excellent xmas presents little bottles of this would make!” And so, like all good ideas, I borrowed most of this recipe from other great bloggers who have gone before me.

This is an adaptation of a few recipes found on various other blogs.  I tried a few different methods and I’ve altered a few ingredients to keep to my own taste and general preferences.  I’ve simplified things a little by using a good quality chai teabag instead of creating my own spice blend.  Obviously if you’d prefer to make a spice blend then that would work perfectly well too (and indeed, I do tend to make my own rooibos chai blend anyway – which I’m sure I’ll blog about soon, now that I’ve been reminded!) I just thought that using a teabag would be a more straightforward way of achieving the delicate spice flavour.  Please make sure that your chai teabag has whole spices listed on the ingredients and not just chai flavouring, I recommend Dragonfly brand Cape Malay Chai or Tick Tock brand Vanilla Chai.

2 cans of full fat coconut milk

3 tbsp of maple syrup

75ml of espresso or strong coffee

1/2 tbsp of cocoa powder

1 tsp of vanilla extract.

75ml of strong rooibush chai (1 teabag)

75ml of whiskey

Boil a kettle and pour 75ml of water over the teabag to create a strong infusion, leave for 10 minute.  At the same time make the strong coffee.   While the tea and coffee are brewing, stir all the other ingredients (except the cocoa powder) together in a medium sized pan over a very low heat.   whisk the cocoa powder into the warm coffee to prevent it going lumpy and then add the coffee and chai to the mixture.  Just warm the mixture enough to melt the thick coconut cream, there is no need to boil it.  Also, do not whisk the mixture, as this can create a whipped cream froth.  Pour the creamy liquid mixture into sterilised glass jars or bottles and give only to your nearest and dearest.  The dairy free among your friends will thank you endlessly and emphatically for this indulgent tipple.

This whiskey cream will separate a little once standing at room temperature, and may even develop a solidified top layer of coconut cream if refrigerated but will regain normal consistency once again with a good shake.

To keep me going through the present wrapping marathon.




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