Jerusalem Artichoke Soup.

I wrote this in January 2014. Perfectly seasonal for today too.

The Noble Aubergine

20160109-152934.jpg Beautiful, knobbly Jerusalem artichokes.

Now to get seasonal.

Jerusalem artichokes are strange things, knobbly tubers from the root of a species of sunflower plant, they have neither got any connection to Jerusalem, originating from North America, nor are they artichokes… But hey, they make great soup.  And they are abundant right now, in fact, once you plant them, it’s difficult to get rid of them and year upon year you’ll have a bumper crop.  So it goes without saying that these lumpy roots are just what we should all be eating on these cold January days.

Soup is one of my favourite things to make, it’s easy and economical, and you can create a satisfying lunch out of very little in almost no time.  I love this soup because it is so incredibly simple, yet it has a seriously deep and interesting flavour.  The artichokes look light, crisp and watery…

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