Seville Sunshine.

I’m just about to make a marmalade loaf with some of last year’s marmalade, so I thought it’d be good to reblog my classic orange marmalade recipe (also, check out my fig and lemon marmalade from earlier the month). It’s that time of year again, decent supermarkets and veg box providers will have Seville oranges in stock right now!

The Noble Aubergine


Marmalade.  Bitter, orange, tangy, sweet, citrus, sticky sunshine on toast.

I love making preserves.  There’s a huge sense of satisfaction in taking a troublesome glut of fruit or veg, and making something wonderful out of it.  Preserves make up a huge percentage of my gifts to people, and I don’t think we’ve bought a jam, chutney, pickle or jelly in years!

Marmalade is a little bit different.  Obviously I don’t have a glut of Seville oranges in my garden to contend with, but in January, the English preserve season is a way off yet, so this one starts the year off nicely and keeps my daughter happy.  I should really double this recipe to keep us going all year; we start using our marmalade sparingly, like an expensive luxury, only to be indulged in on the weekends from about September… and by November we’ve usually run out.  One batch at…

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  1. I might have seen the last one, but, this is terrific! Thank you!

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    1. I make this every year – I originally blogged it 2 years ago 🙂

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      1. Am I able to make a special request? I love ginger marmalade. It used to be available here, but now it isn’t. Do you know how to make it? If so, would you be able to please do a post on that? Yum! Plus, for the orange marmalade, is necessary to use Seville oranges or would any orange work? Orange and ginger marmalades are my favorites!

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      2. Seville oranges give the traditional marmalade flavour, I’ve not tried it with other oranges. As for ginger, do you mean ginger and orange marmalade? because I’d imagine, if you add finely chopped stem ginger which has been preserved in sugar syrup, to this recipe, that would work. I’m not really sure of the quantities though. I’ve added stem ginger to plum jam before but not marmalade.


      3. I used to buy a candied ginger marmalade by Robertson. It is now longer available here. I don’t think it had oranges in it. It was slightly pungent and I love ginger.

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      4. I’ll have a look for a recipe and see what I can do!

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      5. Thank you! It was a favorite!


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