Mushroom & Chestnut Stew with Dumplings

As my ‘dumplings’ post last weekend went down a storm I thought I would reblog this more earthy winter stew, also with dumplings, from last January. I’ll probably be making this later in the week.

The Noble Aubergine


I was inspired by a HFW recipe but I’ve changed it considerably to be a more hearty one pot meal, to take better advantage of a delicious protein source with a beautifully complimentary earthy flavour and to convert this into an easy peasy slow cooker recipe.  I think I’ve improved things, sorry Hugh.

This is real peasant food, most of these ingredients could be grown easily at the allotment or foraged in the local countryside, woods and hedgerows.  Chestnuts are now considered a little bit of a luxury, the price tag in the supermarkets reflects the harvesting and preparation manpower of these sweet, soft and earthy autumnal nuts.  As a child I remember spending hours in the woods with my sister and my granddad collecting these fat little gems from their prickly jackets, and taking them back to my nana to help her pierce each one with a paring knife and roast…

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