Banana ‘Tapenta’ Pancakes

These were my new year pancakes, but they can easily be your vegan pancake day pancakes. I thought I’d reblog today incase any of you are stuck for a good vegan recipe… But they’re also great for breakfast, or for a snack pretty much any day of the year. Tonight I’m sticking to traditional flour eggs and (plant)milk pancakes made into a sort of lasagne with mushrooms, spinach and pinto beans in a creamy sauce. I’m sure we’ll find some room for the sugary lemony ones too. Happy pancake day!

The Noble Aubergine


At the age of three, my eldest daughter just could not say Polenta. We broke the word down into its 3 syllables, which she could manage perfectly well, but when put together it always came out Ta-pen-ta.

Me: Pol

Hazel: Pol

Me: En

Hazel: En

Me: Ta

Hazel: Ta

ME: Pol-en-ta

Hazel: Ta-pen-ta!

Anyway – she got it eventually, she’s five now and has a remarkably good culinary vocabulary, she know her grains from her legumes, and her seeds from her flours.  And she can name by sight most of the contents of the 20 or so kilner jars housing my dry goods on top of the cupboards in our tiny kitchen (the same variety of ingredients that my husband refers to as gravel and dust)

Polenta is a classical Italian ingredient, used as a type of savoury porridge, or set and baked or fried and served with a sauce, it can also be…

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