World Meat Free Day (aka – My 1st Wedding Anniversary!)


13th June 2016 – World Meat Free Day

world-meat-free-dayWhat better way to celebrate the first year of marriage to my brilliant husband – than by promoting World Meat Free Day!?  Please take a look at the website and get involved – and if it’s too late for you to complete today meat free – maybe you can begin to think about meat free Mondays (or Wednesdays or Fridays, or whatever works for you and your family.)  And if you are already meat free – maybe you can consider giving up dairy or perhaps trying to go organic for the day.  It’s all about working towards making our daily diets sustainable, cruelty free, ecologically sound and of couse – tasty!

10624625_1637612993169414_3993640609071504072_nI applaud anyone taking those baby steps towards awareness and sustainability and making a commitment for just one day is an easy thing to do right… and then you can decide whether you want to make the commitment for the next day, and the next… (Exactly like my first year of marriage!) and before you know it you may realise that being meat free is really not so bad after all.  There’s plenty of inspiration to keep you full and satisfied on my blog (and countless others).

Exactly one year ago today, all our family and friends, veggies, vegans and omnivores alike, were all tucking into our fabulous vegan wedding buffet.  We had so many compliments about the wonderful food (but sadly no photos!) prepared beautifully by a good friend of ours and her team… And since then I have gone on to get my blog up to speed and try and spread the good word.

So support the cause – and share it widely.


Happy Anniversary Hubby! xxx



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