Easy Beany Dip



There is a reason why this post looks similar to my last one… it makes good use of that Green Midsummer Pesto and creates a versatile dip/spread/sauce to use however your imagination decides.  My blogging has been slack recently; the sun is out, work has been crazy, the garden has been demanding (and so have the children) … but now the end of July is here, everything can stop for a few weeks and hopefully I might find a few more regular slots to post up my glut fuelled recipes. This one is cheating really, it makes use of good quality pesto, made from the garden or out of a jar for super convenience.  But it’s such an easy and useful recipe I thought I’d share it.  I have stolen it directly from one of my recipe bibles, the New Moosewood Cookbook.

The other beautiful thing about this dip is that it can be made with classic basil pesto, or substituted with red pesto, or maybe rocket and walnut pesto… whatever you have to hand, or can forage from hte summer garden.

  • 250g of cooked white beans – butter beans, haricot, cannellini any will do. (65p)
  • 4 tbsp of jarred pesto or 5-6 tbsp of fresh pesto* (£1.66)
  • Juice of 1/2 a lemon (25p)
  • salt and peper to taste
  • optional 1/2 tsp of chilli flakes.

Now you can use a bog standard jar of pesto for conveneince, or if the basil and kale are in season, make up a batch of my Green Midsummer Pesto and put a blob of that in.  There’ll still be lots left over for some pasta or potato salad.


Simply blend all the ingredients together to form an excellent tasty dip.  This can be eaten with raw veggie, tortillas, bread sticks, or spread on crackers, or used in sandwiches (it’s fab in a toasted sandwich with fresh sliced tomatoes!)… it can even be slackened up with added water and olive oil to become a creamy pasta sauce.

wp-image-742178563jpg.jpgWow people at bring a dish parties with a little extra dip.  They won’t know how easy it was.

This batch of dip works out at £2.56, and it makes approximately 350g – which is roughly 2 of those supermarket pots worth of dip.  So that’s £1.28 for a genreous pot of organic beany, nutty, basil dip.  The other one can easily be frozen for later use!



* I often use Suma organic vegan pesto, it’s very good, and such a life saver for adding extra flavour to a whole host of dishes, I often stir a bob into my lentil bolognaise for an extra basil hit.  The reason you’ll need less jarred pesto than fresh is that ofeten the flavours of jarred pesto are stronger, but just give it a taste and you can decide how much you want to add.



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